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Monday, July 10, 2006

A recommendation from librarian Lisa Traditi, reposted with permission:

Dear Colleagues,

The Tour de France is in its early stages and watching it reminded me of a cancer resource that I wanted to share with all of you.

This spring I discovered what looks like a really useful tool for cancer patients and their families from the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).
Many of you may know about this already, if so, feel free to ignore this message.

LAF has produced a "LIVESTRONG(tm) Survivorship Notebook" and will send it, for only the cost of shipping and handling, to anyone, including libraries. They allow bulk ordering, in case any of you work in a cancer library or cancer center where you might wish to have a stack of these notebooks on hand to give to patients or their family members.
See below for ordering info. Good information and resources are included. I thought the Survivorship Tools would be especially useful -- worksheets one can use to help prepare for medical appointments, track meds and treatments, and keep insurance and other info in one place.

Quoted from LAF material:
"The LIVESTRONG(tm) Survivorship Notebook is a useful tool to help cancer survivors organize and guide their cancer experience. The portable, three-ring binder contains a variety of information covering a full range of physical, emotional and practical survivorship topics."

"To receive a sample copy:
The notebooks are free, however shipping and handling charges do apply.
You may order a notebook by going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation website at www.livestrong.org and clicking on the store. Follow the prompts that take you to the order page.
Complete the information and you will receive a notebook in approx 5-10 days. You may order up to 20 notebooks on the website. If you would like more than 20 copies, please email notebookbulkorders@laf.org to receive special bulk shipping rates."

-- Lisa

Disclaimer: I discovered this resource during volunteer work I do for two LAF benefit bicycle rides held in Moab, Utah (the Moab Skinny Tire Festival and the Moab Century Tour -- y'all come!). I have no formal, including monetary, ties to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, although I greatly admire and support their work.

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