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Thursday, March 07, 2002

Those of you who read Zabet's blog, and you should, may know about her project, Femme Fatalia [hopefully you can view that page; her server's a bit wonky, as she puts it, so if you have no luck, try back later]. We were discussing the site's hostess/mascot and there was an instant image I had in mind, but I couldn't remember the character of a comic series I used to read that it reminded me of. I stumbled across it again the other day (serendipity, perhaps?) Modesty Blaise was a pulp-fiction heroine thief-turned-superagent from the 50s and 60s. This woman would be great going head-to-head with Mrs Peel (hey, no hate mail, I'm a big Avengers fan with a special thing for catsuits--on other people, as I would look like an overstuffed body bag in one). If you're not familiar with Modesty Blaise, check out this fan site, or go to amazon.com and check out the available titles.

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