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Friday, March 29, 2002

This morning I woke up feeling awful. I don't know, maybe I just had too much happiness yesterday. More likely, though, it was because of the line of thunderstorms that were on the way. I feel better now that they've gone through, although we don't really need much more rain at this point. My garden is being used by the birds as a giant bath at the moment. I did manage to snap a picture of a rainbow when the sun broke out of the clouds briefly. Here it is:

rainbow 03/29/02

Even with the storms it's pleasant enough that I have my windows open, much to the delight of my cats. I decided to spend tonight rearranging the study. I've got bouncy Enrique Inglesias music going, so it's been working pretty well. I know, it's not what we would call "deep" music, but the man's voice is pure seduction, and it's great to do chores to, so what can I say?

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