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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

And here's another 'sweetness and light' one. Heh. I'm not quite gay. :)

I am Sunday's Child

What day are you?

I must admit, part of my problems lately are probably due to an impending birthday (April 2nd--my mom refused to have an April Fool, so even though she went into labour that day, she held out for the next morning). I'll be 35. Funny how 30 didn't bother me so much--I had just started my job and was still juggling my school schedule because I'd started working mid-semester and really didn't have much time to think about it. My friends (yeah, I know) made up a poster saying something like "this librarian is 30 and her ovaries are withering--date her" that they were going to fax to work, but they didn't know the number. Fortunately they were also broke, as someone mentioned something about a picture on the city buses. 35 is a little weird because my parents were 35 when they divorced and they seemed so old when I was a mere 15. I think it's just that. I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out. I mean, I'd like to be a little more financially stable so I could maybe have a working car and a small house to call my own, and it would be nice to have kids and/or someone in my life to snuggle with, but really, I'm pretty happy as I am. Zabet's going to help me with setting up budgets, paying bills and working on my debt, etc. for my birthday present. So, maybe by the time I'm 40 or 45 I could have a little house with a garden that I could call my own. Or, at the very least, a car that'll make it to places like the zoo or planetarium and other places outside the city.

Yawwwwwnnn...Okay, I really am going this time.

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