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Thursday, March 07, 2002

I've often wondered if this blog represented...well...my personal side in such a way that I wouldn't want co-workers/bosses, etc., reading it. But I just went through the archives, and well, I think it gives a pretty decent snapshot of me without being too odd. That's sort of reassuring in its own way. Besides, I'm pretty much myself at work. Yesterday I was telling a co-worker about a dream I'd had the night before where I was pregnant, very pregnant, having contractions, but nothing was happening. I was in a ward, and everyone else was having their babies. A couple of the guys at work whose wives are (in real life) pregnant came by and showed me pictures of their little ones. But mine just wouldn't come. Weird. I think it's because my co-worker, the one who got the lovely flowers on Valentine's, finally had her baby and I think she was feeling like it would never happen. Even once they induced her, it took awhile. But she has a healthy son (nearly 10lbs at birth!) About the time I mentioned the guys, one of them walked up, overheard me, and said, "well, maybe you're pregnant." At which point I informed him that if that were so, we'd need to call the Pope. Too much information, I suppose. But it is a running joke with my friends, that I haven't dated in so long. My co-worker said she'd had the same sort of dream when she was a kid, over and over. I wonder what it's supposed to represent? It certainly sounds Freudian, doesn't it?

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