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Friday, March 29, 2002

Ah, it's nice to know I'm not crazy. I reference the following Warning Signs of Insanity. I only answered 'yes' to one. I'll let you guess which one it was.

I however did have a crazy dream last night where I was back in an old apartment of mine (which was in actuality a rat-infested dump that was all I could afford as a starving student); somewhere along the dream it enlarged to a large building with interesting nooks, non-Euclidian angles, and both a mezzanine and penthouse. Some people showed up whom I used to know; they had been good friends until they went off in a huff because 1) they found out that a friend they'd known for years was Jewish, and were afraid he would somehow 'contaminate' their nicely pagan house by bringing in his G-d if he came over, and 2) we'd made fun of their son-in-law's insistence that there were non-electric radios and intelligent viruses out there. Go figure--I've known a lot of characters in my life. There really wasn't any purpose in them being in the dream; they just sort of floated in and out, and were surprised that I was successful. In the dream, I had been given the house because I had been 'chosen'. Apparently there were 23 other people in the world who'd had a life-changing experience like I did in my dream (I don't remember what that was--I think I was pushed off a roof.) 11 of them were basically angels; 11 were basically demons. There were two special ones who were locked in a personal battle until one was killed, at which point another person would inherit that quality. I was the good one (hey, it was my dream). I had a special power to shoot light rays from my hands. The evil one looked like the actor Michael Ironside (he's played too many bad guys in the movies, I guess). At some point I became Scott Bakula (really, I haven't been watching sci-fi lately). I had a sidekick/bodyguard who looked like Samuel L. Jackson. The bad guy didn't have an obvious ability--he could cause incredible pain/death, but without outward signs. But we had this sort of battle where certain patterns had to be done in order to win, like chess. He'd popped in and warned me at one point, taunting me because I hadn't learnt to control the power yet. My posse of Scoobies hung around protecting me for awhile, but eventually he caught me alone and blocked the others from coming back, and we had our duel. I remember there was one room full of books, very traditional in its looks, as opposed to a very contemporary white-on-white look in the rest of the area, that was a safe place. It had a dog. It may have been the beagle from Enterprise. I woke up before I found out who won; we were at an impasse for a good while.

So what does it mean? I haven't a clue. I like to think of them as very vivid and unpredictable movies. I think the patterns may have been a factor of OCD--I woke up having a lot of trouble concentrating. It's like my frontal lobe has a hamster running around in a wheel that goes nowhere; I'm not even aware of what the thoughts are--they go by so quickly. That's usually an indication of a bad OCD day or low blood sugar, and it eased up after I took my medicine and got some food in my system. I was definitely fighting some cosmic war to save humanity. I think I've played too much Call of Cthulhu. I'm also reading Lynn Abbey's Time series at the moment, so that could be a factor. I would like, however, to know how the fight turned out.

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