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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wow--I slept till 11

But I feel much better. I also found something I was looking for, a paper prescription for a new medicine I've been taking as part of an introductory package and am now out of. So Monday I should be able to get it. It was in a basket of papers that are sort of an way to keep things off the table. But I also went through purses, wallets, and phone cases, and found five $1 bills in the search. Yay.

It is beautifully sunny outside after the rain of yesterday. My phone says it is 57 degrees, with a forecast for 60 today, so yes, we're definitely into autumn. But I'm ready for it, to be honest. Even yesterday, when I was wearing sandals, and the day before, when I was wearing capris, I was wondering just how long summer weather was going to last. I mean, it was 80-something the other day.

I am sitting here debating as to whether to colour my hair today. The stuff I got was something I bought months ago after reading a book about job hunting after age 40. But I haven't used it yet. I was looking at my grey, and there is ample evidence of it, but it is actually a pretty silver--it's the brown that has dulled over the years and doesn't have the highlights it once had. The stuff I have is the type where it washes out in 28 days, but if I put it on, I think it'll look flatter than what I have currently. Of course, I have so little hair, it may not matter, and it's got conditioners that would boost that. My hair is down to my shoulders, though not past, at the moment, but has been baby fine my entire life and pretty thin, too, and it's thinning more as I get older. It is a toasted almond, so a light brown close to my natural colour, a little more golden than the red I used to have.

I'm a month or so away from my trip to Chicago. Maybe I should wait until after then, just in case it comes out horribly. What would be nice is to get a haircut, but I can't do that till next week, money-wise, even though I normally just go to Supercuts.

Okay, time to get ready to do some things. and make the bed. Have a great Saturday.

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