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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One of the fun things about working in a children's hospital

is that we dress up for Halloween and the kids trick or treat around the various offices. Since Halloween is Saturday, we're doing it tomorrow. So I am going as 'Soft Kitty' from 'The Big Bang Theory'. In fact, it's sort of purple Soft Kitty--one because I love purple, and two, because my soft kitty shirt is heathered purple with the grey striped soft kitty logo and the song written out on it. So the costume consists of:
  1. Soft Kitty T-shirt
  2. Long purple shirt under the t-shirt, like Sheldon wears
  3. Purple and black cat ears headband
  4. Purple pants
  5. Purple fake fur 'leg warmers' (elasticised at the knee, hanging down like bell bottoms)
  6. Purple fake fur tail
  7. Nose with cream blush, whiskers and kitty mouth drawn on with black body makeup
  8. The official Soft Kitty plush, which YKWIA gave me a few years ago, that plays the song when you squeeze its paw
I do wish I had a pair of purple socks to wear with my Mary Janes. But alas, I (surprisingly) do not. I do have purple snow boots, but they are a bit uncomfortable for being in all day, and my purple sandals won't work, either. But I think I've done well on a limited budget--I had everything except the cat ear headband, which was less than $3, and the faux fur items, which were free at work. (I also picked up a 25 cm long moustache they were giving away in recreational therapy, because you never know when that might come in handy, but didn't manage to work that into this costume. Maybe next year.) Tonight I need to see if my sewing kit includes a safety pin for the tail to go onto the pants, which I have to get out of the closet, where it's still put away with the winter things. I also found some cute (free) treat bags and holders that look like a blue monster, so I got some candy and I'm going to fix them up for my lunch buddies and my friends, and I found some (free) Happy Pumpkin Day cards to give them. Can you tell I love Halloween? I'll try to make sure I have a picture to post after all is said and done. The funny thing is I'm taking a friend to the doctor tomorrow afternoon and probably won't have a chance to change. :) Fortunately you can usually get away with a costume near Halloween.

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