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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I think that it is time

To increase the number of wake-up alarms from two to five again.  With the dark mornings we've had lately,  I've really struggled with waking, and even more importantly,  getting up.  Today I slept through my normal alarm, which played every ten minutes for two-and-a-quarter hours before I woke up, as well as a one-time alarm.  On a normal day,  7:45 is about right,  but I meant to be at work by 7:30 this morning.

At least the daylight savings will end Sunday.  I'll have at least two or three weeks where the mornings will be lighter (albeit sacrificing the evening light) earlier before it's just dark both when I get up and when I get off work.

As on that note, it is time for bed.  I am going to try for earlier than a normal Wednesday,  so I should turn in.  Also,  it is hard to type on a phone, especially by swiping,  when you have hiccoughs, anyway.  :)

PS I finished Hollow City tonight,  and Library of Souls came via UPS today,  which was very timely. I'm going to let YKWIA read it first, though,  since he finished the second book before I did.

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