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Saturday, October 03, 2015

I decided, rather than nap

to print out some pictures on photo paper for the friend I walked with today. I'd taken a picture of him and his dog in front of the fountain, so I printed those out. And then, because he's spoken a lot about a dear-departed pet of late (she was a Rottweiler, and a co-worker of his has a Rottie puppy, so she's been on his mind), I printed off several of her. While I was at it, I printed out some of the ones I have of the three dogs they currently have, as well as the two cats. I'll give them to him tomorrow, and maybe he can show them to his co-workers, as I know he speaks of his pets often.

I think I have had enough caffeine today that I can avoid napping altogether and so, while I'm going to go back in the bedroom, I do not plan to sleep for awhile. I would like to get further along in that novel, though. Good night (again).

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