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Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's almost Halloween!

I went looking for a headband with cat ears (I'm going as a purple 'Soft Kitty' from 'The Big Bang Theory', with purple Soft Kitty t-shirt, purple pants, purple fur 'leg warmers', purple fur tail, and stuffed 'Soft Kitty' that sings the song, and I had everything else but just needed some ears. I can use makeup for the whiskers, etc.) I found those (they are black with purple sparkly insides), but also this. It's an electric skull-shaped wax warmer, for scented wax cubes. :) I've got a jasmine-patchouli blend in right now. That's one of those finds you'll never duplicate, so I went ahead and got it. :) It's got a small red light bulb in it, and it can be changed with any 25 watt bulb with a candelabra base. This one, of course, is red. Very menacing, and better than the tea light ones I've had before, because they don't have flames (although you do have to watch the hot wax). Apparently to get the wax out you just stick the top (once it's cooled) into the freezer for a bit and the wax pops right out. We'll see about that.

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