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Sunday, October 04, 2015

It is 3:30 on a particularly gorgeous autumn Sunday afternoon

and I am unexpectedly at home, as Brenda called earlier and couldn't play the game due to being sick. So I've opened the windows (even the bedroom one, which took a screwdriver, but that should be fixed this week, as I finally had them put in a work order when I paid my rent Friday). The sun (which we haven't seen in days) is streaming through to the plants, and there is a light breeze. I am eating some of the string cheese I brought for the game. So far today I have:
  1. Done my laundry.
  2. Worked my way through my Sunday cleaning list at my friends' house.
  3. Gotten two back rubs from a friend who was thankful for my help with cleaning and knew my back was bothering me.
  4. Listened to my friend's Ella Fitzgerald albums.
  5. Checked dogs over for any issues after they got into it over food (which I missed, thankfully)--now they're being separated till they cool off. These two have never fought before and one is very submissive, so it was a surprise, although of course any dog can go off it it feels another is encroaching on its food. They're normally separated for that reason, to opposite ends of the room, and unfortunately one butted into the other's space. But they seem to have relatively minor injuries, thankfully. It doesn't help that they're both terriers, which means they become absolutely focused, even berserk, when riled.
  6. Watched a little 'Golden Girls' with a friend. My God, I really am Rose, and that is absolutely terrifying. I would probably be the smartest person in St Olaf, but I'd still fit in.
  7. Worked on a friend's feet and back, which were bothering him, and fixed him food, not in that order.
On the agenda for the rest of the day:
  1. A nap. Yes, definitely.
  2. Listening to some '80s alternative music on Pandora.
  3. Reading some more of Hollow City--I only have three days left on my checkout.
  4. Watching something fun either on DVD or Netflix. [It was Galaxy Quest. What a fun movie to watch again. 'Never give up, never surrender!']
  5. Watering the plants, inside and out.
  6. Putting some more water in the fish tanks (before they get low).
Notice I haven't mentioned cleaning in awhile--I've kept the house neat and orderly since the last real cleaning push. I've washed dishes and taken out trash as needed, the latter even during the rain, as well as kept the bathroom neat and cleaned it when needed. I've made my bed every day for the last two-and-a-half weeks. So I'm building better habits, at least for now.

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