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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Treat bags are ready

I found all the things I need for the costume, including the tail, which had fallen off the dining table and was hiding. I also found two safety pins, so I have a spare. The treat bags and the Soft Kitty plush are packed and ready to go. Everything else is laid out. I've got the candles and incense going, and I am listening to a playlist (Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Relax' is currently playing), and I'm seriously considering going ahead and going to bed now. The only other things I really need to do for tomorrow is load the dishwasher, as the Terminix person is coming, and take out the trash, and that can be done tomorrow morning, if I can get up early enough. I should make my bed tomorrow, too. It's not exactly unmade; I'm sleeping on a blanket on top of the comforter, so I just have to put the pillows in place and fold up the blankets. Everything else looks pretty decent. I think I'll at least blow out the candles (I think the incense is finished already, although I'll check), and at least head into the bedroom, where there's a fan. It's a little over 71 degrees in here, without the heat on (today was fairly mild), but I am pretty hot. Okay, time to let John Legend's 'All of Me' finish and move back there. Good night.

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