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Friday, October 02, 2015

I stumbled into an '80s mood

because I was reminded by my Freegal application on my phone that I had three free songs to download (via my library card, three free songs to keep each week), and decided to look for the Murray Head version of 'One Night in Bangkok' for some reason. So I played it on YouTube, and then followed the suggested videos around. So here is the first and last song I listened to:

(I prefer the German to the English version--I was learning it then--I had four semesters of it.) I also had Peter Schilling's album with the German and English versions of 'Major Tom'. Oh, drat, I'll include that too, so Nena isn't really the last.

Okay, I think I'll go listen to some Imagine Dragons now and come back to the present. But there are times I miss the '80s.

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