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Thursday, October 22, 2015

I feel terribly bloated

I haven't taken my diuretic the last couple of days because I usually only need it in the summer,  although today it was nearly 80 degrees. But the pill can be hard on the kidneys and if I take it I also have to take potassium,  a giant pill.  So I thought today it would be nice to get away from them.  Needless to say,  I swelled up quite a bit. So tomorrow it's back on them,  at least until it cools down.

I got my itinerary for the trip to Chicago and back that I'm taking next month. I guess they didn't want to pay much this time,  so instead of direct flights I leave Lexington about 6 am, fly to Atlanta,  and then to Chicago O'Hare. I'll take the train,  and then we will meet for four hours that afternoon at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Medical District. I'm staying overnight in a nearby hotel. The next day I need to take the train to Midway Airport,  which I haven't done before. Then I'll fly to Detroit Metro Airport,  where I'll have an hour and a half layover,  before getting in to Lexington about 3 pm.  Mind you,  on a direct flight it would take about an hour to go up and about an hour and a half to come back. So it'll be an adventure,  and I'm going to mark Michigan off of my states to visit list. (I've visited over half,  I think,  or around half,  anyway.)

Okay,  I've worked in scheduling ,  completed a grant request,  did data entry,  ran over to a friend's house,  to the pharmacy,  to McDonald's,  to the grocery,  to my friend's,  where I fixed him food, watched 'Heroes Reborn',  pilled the dogs,  made tea,  left some bananas and sourdough bread (a pity)  when I came home,  and I have an early morning tomorrow.  So good night.  :)

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