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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back to normal--

or at least, back to normal for me. The medication kicked in and I got some rest. I had a little trouble getting up this morning, but I felt better than I have in days and got a lot accomplished. Today and tomorrow are my catch up day for the library and all those little tasks I have for the revenue cycle aspect of my job.

Earlier I took a friend to our family doctor and went to the allergist myself (which was, fortunately, across the street from his appointment). I got a good report from the allergist and was able to start my allergy shots back up, only having to take a few steps down to a lower phial. But I'll build my way back up fairly quickly, she said. I'm going to try to go tomorrow and get another shot, as there's no harm in doing them one day after the other, but I have to go to the pharmacy, too, so we'll see if I have time for both. I think I will, anyway. Afterwards we got some food at Taco Bell (a much better experience than last time), went over to his house, and we watched an episode of 'Scream Queens' on Hulu and ate. Later, we watched 'Heroes Reborn'. Then I came home right before the UK-Auburn football game let out, yay, and got home just in time to see the final score (a close game overall, but Auburn won). UK has not had a Thursday night game since 1939, and they had much to do to make it run smoothly as far as traffic is involved, especially after the Luke Bryan Farm Tour concert that left Tates Creek road a virtual parking lot for hours on end, just a bit ago.

Okay, I'm sleepy, and it's time for bed--my phone application has told me so. I'm going to sign off. Good night.

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