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Saturday, October 17, 2015


I brought my geraniums inside last night, which is very fortunate, because it's 35 degrees outside this morning. I don't have the heat on, and it's a little chilly in the house, compared to what it has been, but it's 70.7 degrees according to my thermometer, so there's no reason to put the heat on. It's just a little colder by the windows, and I slept in shorts and a tank top, and haven't changed yet.

I just had some blackberries and raspberries in yoghurt, and I'm plotting out my morning. I'm going to do some errands with A, but I have a few things to do around here, too, so my plan is to go over there about 11 am, and so I'll call him in a few minutes and make plans. But I'm still kind of waking up at the moment, so I'll check the news first and drink some caffeine. Hope you have a great day.

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