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Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am being thwarted at every turn

This afternoon after I got my allergy shots, I called YKWIA to see if he needed anything, and made plans for a quiet evening at home, maybe watch the Mockingjay DVD I have or finish Hollow City (I have Library of Souls on order). I went home, lit some incense, ate some hummous and pita bread, and was starting to relax when A called wanting a ride during the height of rush hour. If I hadn't given him it, it would have taken him at least two hours to get home on the bus because of how they break for the evening. So...I put out the incense, put up my food, went and got him, took him home, picked up the bananas and bread I'd left last night, and came home. I didn't feel like just relaxing at that point. I felt tired from the traffic and the day and the week, so I went to bed. That was about 6:30 pm. I woke up briefly at 9:30, but went back to sleep. At 1:30 am I decided I'd slept awhile, and maybe I could make a second go at relaxation. So I lit the incense, lit several candles. I wanted to play some music, but my volume on my speaker that my phone plugs into plummeted inexplicably earlier, so I was just going to listen to a playlist on the computer. Of course, Microsoft Media Player totally went on the frizz, keeping control of the computer's audio while not being able to play songs. So I tried Groove Music, but it said Media Player still had control. So I restarted the computer and tried to build a list in Groove Music, while updating Java and my graphics driver. In the meantime there were glitches getting to the start menu and action centre. I finally got everything set an hour after coming out here. I'm finally listening to the music, and I'm not finding it particularly relaxing, because of everything that's been going wrong. It's more of a frustration. I was considering taking a bath, but really, the way my night is going, I'm liable to break something. I'm going to step away from the computer completely, listen to the music, and curl up on the couch. I will find a way to enjoy being at home if it kills me.

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