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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Today was my early day at work

and after that I went over to a my friends', drove over to the pharmacy, got a couple of medicines for them, and I also picked up mine. It took an hour and 50 minutes from the time I left work till the time I got back with the meds, and they were getting ready to go out to eat with family, so I came on home. I am now pretty tired--I've been up for twelve hours already and driving, especially in rush hour traffic, sucks the life out of me. Right now I'm eating bean burgers with Havarti cheese. After that my plans are to:
  1. Take a 45 minute nap.
  2. Hang a new shower liner in the bathroom.
  3. Take the old, nasty liner out to the garbage (it really was beyond my cleaning ability).
  4. Take out the recyclables (for they are many, and take up the whole container).
  5. Watch something fun, either a DVD or Netflix.
That's it. But first, that nap. That'll take me to 7:30 pm or so, and so I should have time to do the rest. I'll probably write later.

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