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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A pretty decent day--maybe things are starting to turn around for me

I worked very steadily today, both for the library and the revenue cycle, and in fact forgot to call about the air conditioning because I was busy. Oddly enough, it's sitting more than a degree cooler than it was this morning, after I've had it off all day. It's 78 degrees and just a bit stuffy, so I went into the bedroom and turned the fan on, and am typing this on the laptop. So that's not so bad.

My main goal tonight was to call my student loan servicer; I was scheduled to default as of tomorrow and right now I have slightly under $2 between both my bank accounts, so I couldn't make a payment. But I called anyway. A few months ago they'd told me there was nothing they could do. This time I was able to get a temporary forbearance so I could renew my income-driven status. So, yay. I'm going to try to get back on track. Also, the physical therapy office I went to audited my account and found an overpayment of $40, so they sent me a cheque. So yay again, I can get gas and something to eat. I am sooooooo tired of peanut butter sandwiches.

It looks like YKWIA and A don't really need me tonight, so I actually am at home early in the evening--and I'm not sleepy, my back isn't hurting, etc., etc. I am hungry. Part of me wants to go put the cheque in the ATM and get something cheap but satisfying like Taco Bell, but the other part of me says to eat the macaroni and cheese I have here and save the rest for tomorrow. I think I'll stick with the latter. Or I could make mini-farfalle and put some sauce on it. I'm good on pasta; there isn't much else in the house, except cheese and tortillas, a small bag of potatoes, and a little cereal and milk. Okay, I'll be back. Must go make something to eat.

Hmmm... baked potatoes with butter, salt, pepper, and cheese (but sadly, no sour cream). Still...I think that's the winner.

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