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Friday, September 11, 2015

My life is about to become quite a bit busier

Remember a few months ago when I filled in for our scheduling department while three people were out on maternity leave? Well, one of my co-workers is ill and will be out for awhile, so they need me to fill in again. I'll be working over there Monday through Wednesday, for three hours each day, at least while our clinic levels remain high. Here's hoping she's well soon, and can return, but in the meantime, I've got to try to remember all the stuff I learned last year! That means three jobs, three bosses again, too. :) Normally it's two jobs, two pay grades, two bosses. I work in the library 20 hours a week as a solo librarian, doing everything from dealing with budgets on down to processing and shelving. My job title for the other position, also 20 hours per week, is 'data entry clerk', but what I really do during that time is:
  • Enter outpatient facility and procedure charges.
  • Reconcile OR charges.
  • Spend time on the phone with insurance companies trying to determine if a referral is needed and if so, what kind, often for long periods of time.
  • Track down primary care providers and obtain referrals.
  • Handle weekly error reports.
  • Do a monthly audit from the electronic medical record and patient registration computer modules.
Now I'll be answering the phones and rescheduling patients' appointments, along with scheduling motion laboratory visits, covering checkout, and whatever else they need. Yes, I'm trying to prove that I'm indispensable.

PS I'm down to 'The Village Green Preservation Society' by Kate Rusby (the theme to the British show 'Jam & Jerusalem'), a cover of the song by The Kinks.

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