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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I had an x-ray at the podiatry appointment

and apparently there is a reason for the occasional pain I'm having in the ankle that was operated on three years ago. A small piece of bone has come off near the screws, and the screws themselves may be irritating the area. So, we wait and see if the pain gets more than occasional or worse, because if it does, then they can go in and remove the screws and possibly do a bone graft to help the situation. But right now it's really minor and happens only sometimes, so I'll wait.

I also ordered some shoes. About the only perk of being diabetic is that my insurance will pay for a pair of shoes once per year. This year I'm trying to get some dressier shoes that I can wear with a skirt (still closed toe, for the winter), and I just hope they're wide enough. That's always an issue with my feet, and the swelling doesn't help. I did get the extra wide, but depending on in the shoes run narrow, that may still not be enough. We'll see.

I need to work on the bedroom and vacuum the carpets, along with taking out the trash. But first I'm going to take a short break (maybe 20 minutes), as my stomach's a bit woozy. I haven't eaten yet today, but I took my medicine, so that's probably why. But after it settles down I'll make some pasta (which is basically the only thing in the house, except for some crackers and I think a can of soup) to settle my stomach. Hope your day is going well.

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