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Thursday, September 24, 2015

'Heroes Reborn' was absolutely wonderful!

It was nice to see the intrigue is back, with all the small plots weaving together to form a larger one. I am definitely hooked! I loved 'Heroes', particularly the first part of the series, and it's nice to see some familiar faces as well as new ones. I have the series on DVD thanks to a deep sale at Half Price Books, so I should re-watch the episodes. My favourite was the one where we saw the camp where Angela Petrelli had been in when she was young. Like the 'X-Men' comics, series, and films, there are lots of references in 'Heroes' to the persecuted, and there were absolutely overt comparisons to gays, blacks, and Jews--among others--in both the original series and this one. The miniseries starts with a great festival symbolising peace between humans and 'Evos'--those with powers, with rainbow placards and people protesting with signs worthy of the Westboro Church. I am already into the characters and plots and subplots. YKWIA and our friend Tammy both watch it, too--in fact, I was watching over at YKWIA's, and Tammy called within a couple of minutes of the end to chat about the show. Anyway, I think we all three enjoyed it immensely.

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