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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A very stressful day

And I'm glad it's almost over. We were very busy in scheduling and I spent three hours glued to the phone except when I was at checkout,  and that was weird because I scheduled someone,  sent them on their merry way,  and then couldn't complete the scheduling because the order was changed midstream while I was scheduling.  There were also several complex appointments,  too,  like two doctors,  with multiple tests or images,  all for one patient/encounter. I am certainly not a pro at this,  yet.

Afterwards,  I left over lunch and got a friend and dropped him off at an appointment,  went back to work,  ate lunch while I worked,  and then got him again when he was finished,  went back to work,  finished up what I needed to do,  left for the day,  took him to pick up some medicine,  visited for awhile,  and came home.  Each time I went out,  I got caught in the rain,  the first time in an actual downpour,  because I thought my umbrella was in the office, and I was wrong,  and the other times because it was sprinkling when I left the library,  but raining harder by the time I got outside. Apparently,  I refuse to learn.

When I got home,  I really wanted pizza,  but there were no good deals and I decided to be fiscally responsible and also diabetically responsible. I had a sandwich and went through my Facebook feed and blogged,  and then I was delighted to find I had some sugar-free dark chocolate pudding I'd forgotten about,  so that was a plus.

Now I'm in the bedroom with the lights low,  Loreena McKennitt singing on Pandora through the Roku box on the TV,  and I'm in comfy shorts and a tank top,  and I'm going to relax for awhile.  If I don't blog anymore tonight,  good night.  Tomorrow will be more scheduling,  plus I have an optometrist appointment in the evening and a book review due. But as Scarlett put it,  'Tomorrow is another day.'

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