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Thursday, September 17, 2015

A long day

It's good that I started for work 45 minutes before I was supposed to be there, because there was a wreck on Richmond Road that shut down each outside lane coming to and going from downtown. I wound up, after spending 10-15 minutes in stopped traffic, cutting over to Mt Tabor from Patchen Dr, then going by Yellowstone Pkwy to Alumni, and then to Chinoe, Culpepper, and Fontaine. It took me over 30 minutes to get to work, but I was on time, even though I'd actually planned on going in a little early to make up some time from an appointment. But I stayed a little late, so I just have a half hour to make up, and hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Today I unpacked thirteen boxes of children's books for the clinic's Reach Out and Read programme, and one box of medical texts for the library. I was terribly hot and sweat was just pouring off of me when I was done. After I'd put everything where it could be transported on a cart to the clinic and the others on my desk, and had consolidated the boxes to go to materials management for people looking for boxes for moving and the like, I splashed myself with cold water and then sat in front of the fan I have borrowed while I did some other work on the computer.

After lunch I did my charge entry and worked on referrals, and scanned the procedure sheets to a co-worker. I realised 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave that I forgot to do the surgery charge reconciliation; I'll do that in the morning along with the one I received right before leaving. I also have three interlibrary loans to work on tomorrow morning, and the clinic cart to fill with books, and I should start cataloguing the new books, too.

I am feeling a little queasy and had some gastrointestinal issues today. I don't know if it's because I ate something that wasn't peanut butter and bread or if I have a touch of something a friend was dealing with for the last couple of days. I'll see if it settles down, and if I have no further problems, I'll chalk it up to eating other food.

After work I had a much easier commute, although I almost got in the way of a fire truck. I heard the siren, and was looking in front of me and in the back, and it was coming from the side, from the fire house itself, I just didn't realise I was in front of the station in that moment. So I got out of the way and over, and then had to wait to get back into traffic, because of course, no one else pulled over. Then I went to the library and picked up an interlibrary loan I'd put in for YKWIA.

Since I've been home, I put my things down, then cleaned the bathroom and poured some Pine-Sol into the kitchen sinks and ran the garbage disposal, as it had soured a bit. I also put the air conditioning back on, as it was very stuffy in here when I got in. My plans for tonight include working on the bedroom, which is the only room in the house that is still messy, and working on the game notes, for real this time. The bedroom is somewhat of a priority because the night before last I had the windows up and while I was on the phone, I closed them. The living room ones went down fine, and I locked them. The bedroom one got a bit stuck, I closed it, and then when I went to lock it, the metal piece that slides in to lock it broke off, so if there was a fire or something, my window will not open. I didn't break the glass or anything, just the lock. So tonight or if need be this weekend, I need to work on the bedroom so they can come in. Right now, for example, I have a folding chair with things on it in front of the window, and some things strewn on the floor. That is not conducive to repairing the window. I also have laundry to put away, as I emptied the cart this morning of the load or so that I did on Sunday, and put it neatly on the bed, ready to be put away. I also need to switch purses. Tomorrow is jeans day, and while I could wear a purple shirt to go with my current purse, I'd really just rather wear a T-shirt and take my zippered tote bag, or even a backpack. I love the purse I'm carrying, but it is very large and cumbersome.

Have any of you had any experience with Android Pay yet? My bank is participating, and I find the concept interesting. In some ways, it sounds more secure than using a physical credit card, as no sensitive information is stored. On the other hand, it sounds to me like it would be easy to accidentally pay for something. The idea is you unlock your phone, and without having to go into the application for Android Pay, you touch the NFC payment sensor with your phone, and it automatically charges your credit or debit card without actually providing the details to the merchant, so if the merchant is hacked, your information is not in their system. I did change the settings of my phone to immediately lock when the screen goes dark, and for the screen to go dark within 15 seconds, which will also save a bit on battery. Android Pay does require that you lock your phone in a manner other than the basic slide, which I already did, but considering there is news of a hack where a very long password can disrupt a PIN or other locking method, that's a little troubling. But they have to physically have your phone. No one else uses mine, and if it were stolen, I could turn off my card for use with Android Pay through my bank, while still using the physical card, so that's better. But while I have everything set up, I haven't physically tried to use it, so I'll let you know if I have the opportunity to.
The symbol that's used to show compatible sensors [payWave, to the left] is on Chicago's mass transit system (their Ventra card is tapped to the sensor, for example, and can be used with a credit card attached to the account, or you can use a credit card that already has that symbol on it). I used to have one, but my latest one doesn't have that symbol. But I wonder if Android Pay would work with that? It could be handy. Ah, but I already have a Ventra card, so I'll just use that when I go to Chicago in November.

Okay, I also need to check my finances and see if I can do a run to the grocery, as all I have in the house are crackers, peanut butter, a little bread, and some canned mixed vegetables. I ate dinner after work in the cafeteria, as they had little square pieces of veggie pizza, and I've been craving pizza, but didn't really have the money to order one, and I shouldn't eat that much due to my blood sugar. So this was a happy coincidence. Anyway, I'm going to go now and work on some things, after my stomach settles a bit.

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