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Saturday, September 26, 2015

So today I went for a walk with a friend and two dogs

and we went from his house to a public park with a large pond and adjoining marshy area, which was quite nice. Each of us took a dog, he the spastic smaller one, and me the more docile one that isn't really used to a leash, so she kept hugging in close to me. I almost fell twice, despite the paved path, once because I found a drop off into a hole, and once due to some mud at the edge of the walk. I was covered in sweat and short of breath when I got home, although the total walk was not even a mile. According to my phone, which isn't entirely accurate, as I've left it out of my pocket a few times today, but I had it then, I've walked almost 7,000 steps today and a little over 3 1/2 miles. So I guess that's good. I've walked more, but I don't usually walk at that fast a pace. So I definitely got some exercise. I visited for awhile and then watched 'Lost Girl' with my other friend, and then the first friend and I went to the grocery store. Now I'm back home, and I want to work on the game notes, as we will probably not be gaming tomorrow (Brenda's son got married today down at Cumberland Falls, and I'm sure she'll be very tired), but on the off chance she does want to, I should have them finished, and if she doesn't, they'll be ready for next time and I won't have to worry about them any further. So that's the plan. I'm going to go work on them now.

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