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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I am really tired of peanut butter and jam

And I really want pizza, but can't afford it, so I scarfed down two bananas a friend gave me because they were past the time he'd eat them, and I've made the rest of the mini farfalle with some jar sauce. Now I'm really burning up. I'll have to go over to the fan soon. I was trying to hang a picture above the TV, but that isn't working so well. It's a three-picture set, one large, two small, antique maps of the world. I can't seem to get it lined up just right. I may have to break out the level and stud finder, although I think the two hangers on the larger picture are too close together to both go in a stud, as they're 13 inches apart. We'll see.

After work (which went pretty well today, my last day in scheduling for the week, and I got the rest of my shipment of children's books while I was over there), I went over to a friend's house to help him out with a few things. Then I came home and discovered I'd lost power sometime today, and the filter on the fish tank was trying valiantly to get water up into it without success, so I took care of that, put some more water in the tank, cleaned the algae off the glass, pulled out a lot of Java moss and put it out on the geraniums as fertilizer, and generally cleaned up the tank, and I can actually see the fish now. I'm afraid I was being a bad fish mom.

I'm pretty tired, and hot. I'm going to go get in front of the fan now that I've eaten, and try not to fall asleep. I've toted the fan out here two evenings in a row, and toted it back. I don't feel like doing that tonight, really, nor do I feel like taking the laptop with me to bed, as it tends to hurt my back after awhile to type in bed. It's much better here on the dining table. Anyway, I may write some more in a little while, but just in case, good night.

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