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Thursday, September 10, 2015

I feel like

I've been driving all day. First there was the podiatry appointment. Then after a couple of hours at home, I drove to the Lawrenceburg-Harrodsburg exit of the Bluegrass Parkway to collect an friend and her friend, and drove them to Lexington. We stopped by Kroger, where one of them bought a cake, took it over to my apartment, then we went downtown to witness an important thing, thing, a wonderful thing, meeting up with five other people. Then we went and picked the cake up from my house and went to Masala and enjoyed a wonderful meal [although I was very messy and got lots of stuff on my blouse; I hope it will come out]. They even kept the cake in the refrigerator during the meal and then brought plates, a knife, and utensils out for us to celebrate with. Then I stopped and got some gas, thanks to one of the people I drove who gave me gas money, and I drove them back to that exit, where they'd left their car. Then I came back to Lexington, getting home right about 9 pm. My friend called to check on me and we talked for a bit. Then I printed out some pictures I took on photo paper. Oh, I'm tired, but it was a lovely day and very much worth it to see this happen. Not bad for someone with a driving phobia.

Sorry to write so obliquely. I try not to post things that are personal in other people's lives without their permission. If I get it, I'll elaborate. But for now, let's just say I'm happy, and it was a good day. But I'm really beat, so I'm going to go ahead, take my contacts out, get into some comfy clothes, get some ice water, and retire to the bedroom. Good night.

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