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Monday, September 28, 2015

That was a train wreck visit to Taco Bell

First,  they rang up just my drink,  then tried to ring up 5-layer beefy burritos instead of the 7-layer ones I asked for.  I finally got up to the window and they dithered for almost five minutes without acknowledging me or apologising for the wait. Then they tried to charge me for someone's order that was almost twice mine.   Then they asked me if I had an order that was not remotely mine.  Finally they figured out which order they were on,  but were waiting for part of it,  so I offered to come inside.  They said they'd bring it out to me,  gave me my burritos but offered no sauce.  I drove around to the front and realised they also had not given me my drink,  so I went in,  crossing the wet floor.  They gave me a drink,  which was at least the right one,  but without the lid on properly and later I found it was about half a cup of ice and little drink. I had to ask for a straw,  as the two bins were both empty. I finally got the item I was waiting for,  and left,  travelling a second time across a very wet floor. Then I went home.  Thankfully,  the burritos were the right kind.  That's the only other thing I can think of that could have gone wrong. But although I was annoyed,  I didn't want to actually fill out the survey and have it impact negatively - - they're usually more together than this.  But,  wow,  not tonight.

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