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Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm about three-quarters finished with the bedroom

And I am dripping with sweat.  Technically,  I don't think I'm in perimenopause yet,  but if not,  I'm close.  I'm sitting in front of the fan drinking ice water,  trying to cool off.

It actually isn't horrible in here.  There was a stack of clean clothes that are winter items I decided to keep during the purge,  and I'm going to put them in a small hamper and into the closet until they're needed,  which will be soon,  I'm sure. The granny and laundry carts are in the walk-in closet.  The purses are a problem.  They take up too much space when hanging,  and if they're in a hamper,  I have to dig for the one I want,  so I haven't solved that conundrum yet.

I've picked up some things that were scattered about,  and almost have the floor clear.  But I think I'm going to turn my attention to putting away the clothes on the bed,  stacks which have gotten taller as I've straightened up. So,  here we go...

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