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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Today's agenda

  1. Get medicine from pharmacy
  2. Return books to the library
  3. Donate a few of YKWIA's books and a CD to the library
  4. Work on the bedroom
  5. Pack books
  6. Get totes for clothes' storage
  7. Get mattress pad to protect my current (queen) mattress from dust (and cover up a couple of menstural blood stains from the movers--I should have putt one on years ago. The new one (which is a full mattress) had one on within minutes of delivery. Of course, it has a 10-year warranty that is void if it gets stained.)
  8. Find something that will work for providing more clothes storage in the closet at YKWIA's
  9. Work on game notes
Today, possibly tomorrow:
  1. Take telescope, holiday decorations, and walk-in-closet things to storage
  2. Take out trash/recyclables
  3. Go through medicine in the refrigerator and reduce packaging/space
  4. Clean kitchen
  5. Clean bathroom

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