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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One week

It just really hit me that I'm moving in a week. That means I need to step up my packing game, for one. Really step up my game. I've been coming home around 8 pm the last couple of days and just haven't felt like it. I don't have that luxury anymore. The biggest problem is that I simply don't have much room to pack in. I'm just going to have to find a way to make room.

Today was a good day, though. My spirits are still up from the eclipse, although I started out a little tired this morning. But my boss moved me out of check out (except for covering breaks) and instead I was in a quieter bay with the door closed taking live calls and returning voicemails. I returned 60 voicemails today, answered maybe 20 more calls, and did some e-mails as well. Since I wasn't trying to check out people and do that at the same time (which gets worse as the day progresses when you do try that), I was able to focus on people's needs much better. All in all, I was much happier.

Alright. Here's the plan. Pack what I can each weeknight through Friday--try for at least five boxes each day. Friday I'm in a training for two hours and then a meeting, and it's lighter census-wise, so if I'm lucky maybe I can leave at 4:30. Saturday will be devoted to packing as much as humanly possible. Sunday is the game, but we knew I might need to cancel, and I think that's going to have to be the case, as the notes and the game will take too much time away from getting ready for the move. If I can have things ready so YKWIA can look over the books left to see if he'd like any, then I can box those up on Sunday evening and Monday, when I'm off, along with anything left, and then I can take the books that are the discards to the library on Monday, and fold up the bookcases that can be.

The movers will be here 9 am on Tuesday the 29th, so on the 28th, I should take whatever's left to move to the new place [medicine, clothes, etc.], except for my CPAP and the clothes I'll wear on Tuesday, plus a few toiletries. Then, when everything's gone, I can focus on cleaning and that sort of thing. Tuesday morning I'll put the mattress and box springs in their bags after taking the bedding off. I'll be sleeping that night at the new place [YKWIA's], so I'll take the CPAP, etc. over after the move. The majority of the plants are already over there; I'll take the rest over this week or weekend. Also Monday I need to go to the University of Kentucky parking office and get a new hang tag; mine expires on August 31st.

I also need to make a list of places to cancel service, namely Spectrum (Internet), Kentucky Utilities (electricity), and Vonage (home phone) and also touch base with the leasing agent to see when she wants me to return the keys and pay the fee for breaking my lease. My mail has already been requested to forward as of August 25th. I'll send my new address to my family members and change over the bills.

Sometime this week, Brenda is coming to get the fish so I can drain the aquarium and have it dried out before going into storage, too.

Wow. So much to do. I hope I can do it without melting down. (It has happened before, that time I left my entire record collection when I got evicted fourteen years ago after getting laid off.)

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