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Monday, July 31, 2017


Feeling a little bummed about the phone interview today, which I think I really did badly on. I can do the work, I look great on paper, but interviews of any sort - especially by committee - make me very nervous, I tank, and I just sound like a babbling idiot. I finally got a phone interview with UK for a job I really want and most everyone who knows me seems to think I would be great at it - especially nurses, the main patron of this position - and I really think I blew it. But I guess it's best to consider it practice and analyse what I did badly and how I could have done better, for next time. I will eventually convince someone to hire me and let me show them what I can do. And who knows, maybe they'll give me that chance despite it all. After all, I came out of my interview with the Shriners folks convinced I'd done badly, they hired me, and I worked there as a librarian for twenty years. :)

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