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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

I'm home

I mostly just relaxed with YKWIA, we watched three episodes of 'American Housewife', went through some experimental game mechanics, and I went to the store for him. But I had a good time. I did get in a little later than I planned, so I'm going to call it a night soon, and put some things off until tomorrow. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and take the trash out, as I think it finally cleared up and my stepfather is coming by tomorrow. I'll try to get the book review in before the end of the day tomorrow. I did check the job list, and apparently, the job that I thought closed tomorrow is already closed. It was with the state, although it would have been a lot of wear and tear on the car, as it required a fair bit of travelling. So maybe it's not so bad that I missed out on it. I definitely have to watch things more closely, though, even if I do seem to have a job lined up now, as I would eventually like to be in a library.

So anyway, it was a good day. I'm basically online to check out an adapter that I got that allows me to link up to an Ethernet cable (my laptop just has USB ports, so this allows me to connect directly, plus has a 3-USB-port hub built in as well. When I move, I'll have to either use my phone hotspot or connect via the Ethernet cable to his modem. He nixed the powerline adapter idea. I think he's afraid it will somehow harm his home's wiring, although I did explain that it wouldn't. Oh, well. This will work. Anyway, the adapter seems to be working pretty well. I also have to go online and look up a manual that I managed to lose within a day of getting. It was in my backpack pocket and I guess it fell out. It was one of those tiny manuals which fold out, so it was really easy to lose. But it may be online. I thin I'll go look for that now. Have a good night, and I hope your Fourth was great if you celebrate.

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