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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tomorrow I pack

Well, begin packing, anyway. It's going to take awhile. I went by U-Haul and got a bundle of 25 boxes (for 73 cents each!) and some box tape. The plan is to begin in the living room, to pack the books that I want to keep, and then I'll be able to pack up the ones to be donated after that, in different types of boxes for now. The U-Haul boxes will be uniform and easier to store. I may eventually need to get some for the donated ones, but for now, I'm going to focus on what to keep, so I can start taking them over to the storage unit. The art will all go, too, although there's one triptych with two of the paintings that are too big for my car, I believe, so they may have to go last. And then there's YKWIA's self-portrait, which is on a larger canvas. But I think all the others will fit in my car. Then there are furniture/major items.

To keep:
  • The kitchen island
  • The microwave stand
  • All of the bookshelves that come apart and fold up
  • The bookshelf with glass doors
  • The bookshelf that matches my computer desk
  • The bookshelf my dad built
  • The computer desk and maybe the printer stand, if I still have the triangular piece that goes with them, along with the desk's hutch
  • The steamer trunk
  • My aquarium
  • The table (which comes apart)
  • The curio cabinet
  • The CD/DVD stand
  • The boards and blocks the plants usually stand on
  • The queen mattress and box springs
  • Ma Craig's hourglass table (it has sand and works)
Not going:
  • The cherry end tables
  • The loveseat, which was 'found' by the Dumpster fourteen years ago, so it gave its all
  • The entertainment center
  • The tall Sauder bookshelf
  • The short pressboard bookshelf
  • The bed [it has a broken cross rail that cannot be repaired, after 30 years of service]
Maybe keep/maybe go:
  • The dresser
  • The two chest-of-drawers
  • Two occasional tables
  • The two steel shelving units in the closet
  • The table I'm using as a TV stand [Brenda might be able to use it as a potting stand]
Taking with me to the house:
  • The laptop and accessories
  • My printer
  • My floor speaker that is Bluetooth
  • (Perhaps) one folding bookcase
  • Two bins, one for clean clothes, one for dirty ones, to go in the closet
  • Two small trash cans, one for trash, one for recyclables
  • (Maybe) the TV and DVD player
  • The plants!
I'm going to see if Brenda can take the fish. If not, maybe I can get Animal House or another pet store to take them. There are three pretty goldfish and a Chinese algae eater. Of course, some small things will go, like some clothes, my CPAP, etc. But most of the small things will either go to storage or Goodwill. That's all I can think of at the moment, anyway. But tomorrow starts all the decisions of what to keep and what to purge.

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