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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Up early again

This time I just got up at my ideal time (6:30 am) and I happen to get finished getting ready early and decided to come on in and have some quiet time before work.  The quiet time yesterday really helped me get through a day where I had two MRIs to schedule within 48 hours (one post-op), prepared for and went to our weekly admissions meeting, submitted several surgeries and checked a slew of others for pre-authorization requirements, and generally hit the ground running at 8:30 am and worked my butt off up to 5 pm, on a very crazy day.  Here's hoping today will be a little quieter,  I still have a lot to do (I always do, as there are lots of details in my job), but hopefully, I won't feel like I'm putting fires out all day.  On the other hand, I am handling the stress of my job much better, I think, beyond some stress eating, and I'm working on that.

I went and picked up the prints and the VCR/DVD yesterday.  The prints are still in the car, as I should get the back parking lot parking lottery either Friday or Monday, and I can bring them in and have maintenance hang them on my office wall.

Whoops, better go clock in.  I've been on my phone hotspot in the break room and chatting with a co-worker!

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