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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Happy Equinox!

In the northern hemisphere, where I live, today is the first day of Spring and also Ostara.  For folks in the southern hemisphere, happy Autumn.  But I, for one, and just glad it'll be getting warmer soon.  It's supposed to be in the 50s today but get colder for the next couple.  The weather this weekend is supposed to be sunny, which is very good, as I have to move a piece of furniture.

As you know, the hospital I work at moved both in terms of model and location a couple of years ago, and we were recently given the opportunity to bid on items at the old place we'd like in a silent auction.  I bid on four items, including one I've been bugging materials management about for about five years.  I'm going to pick up the small stuff today and the big one on Sunday with the help of a friend with a truck.  Here's my loot:

It's purple! And a garden...

This was above my desk at the old building.  It's a Ray Harm print of an indigo bunting.

Yes, I still have VHS tapes.  This VHS/DVD player should help with that.

And finally, I got my card catalogue!!! Whoopee!

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