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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I'm a freshman?! Yay!

Yes, twenty-one years after the first time and two degrees later, I am officially listed as an entering freshman at the local community college where I plan on taking courses in computer and information technology. Here's the schedule I hope to get:

Internet Technologies MW 1700-1815
Operating Systems Distance Learning
Program Design T 2000-2120
Visual Basic I MW 1830-1945
Database Design TW 1830-1945
Inroductory Logic TR 1700-1815

It runs from 5pm to 8pm most days, as late as 9:20pm on Tuesday. Not bad, really, and the Operating Systems class in distance learning via computer. It'll be a lot to juggle if I happen to be working two or three jobs at the same time, but doable, plus I'm taking two exams on the 15th, one to bypass Introduction to Computing and the other to bypass Microcomputer Applications. Wish me luck.

As an added bonus I checked on financial aid yesterday and ran into a snafu that we ironed out, and at one point the very helpful lady behind the desk asked me how old I was, thinking that I might be younger than 24 and therefore needed my parental information. Bless her. I'm 38, you know, although apparently a young-looking one. :)

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