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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yay! I'm off work tomorrow and I have lots of stuff planned (subject to change, of course)

    Things I have to do sometime either tonight or tomorrow:
  1. Two weeks’ of game notes.
  2. A book review.
  3. Straighten up the bedroom.
  4. Sort laundry.
  5. Give a libation of honey to Hekate for the turning of the year.
  6. Water the plants.
  7. Fill the fish tanks and work on the pumps for each.
    Things I’d like to do:
  1. Read.
  2. Watch some DVDs (including ‘Downton Abbey’, which I am terribly behind on.
  3. Listen to some music.
  4. Have a quiet evening at home.
  5. Watch the New York ball drop at midnight tonight, either on my phone (yes, there’s an application for that), or on TV.
No alcohol, parties, etc., but then I don't like to be out on the roads with the drunks on New Year's Eve. Happy New Year! May it be bright and wonderful and bring you happiness and blessings. It's so hard to believe we're just a few hours from 2015!

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