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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Turns out one bill I have absolutely must be paid by the 31st or Very Bad Things will happen. Mailing the payment was a bust.  I called the nearest post office,  but they were closed.  I went to 'my' post office,  which is over between Tates Creek and Nicholasville roads, so really nowhere near me.  I was going to overnight my payment,  even though it would be $20 and I needed to use a kiosk because the regular desk was closed,  and re-read my instructions to find I needed to enclose a cashier's cheque instead of a regular one.  I had seen a sign on the door of my bank the other day that made me think they were closed on Christmas eve,  so that was that,  I couldn't do anything till Friday.  So I went and got the things for latkes and some gas ($1.77 a gallon with Kroger points!),  noticing that the bank was actually open.  But I was back by my apartment and didn't want to go halfway across town again to mail it.

Also the cable office is closed today,  so I can't take care of that till Friday.  And the electric company and library are closed today too,  so I can't do any of that until then.  Oh,  well.

I'm going back out in a bit to check on that package.  Otherwise it's just working on the house and checking in with my mom regarding our visit.  I've cleaned the kitchen and washed all the dishes.  But there's still a lot to do.  But right now,  I'm going to take a break.

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