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Friday, December 12, 2014


As I mentioned last night, my little Charlie Brown tree toppled last night while I was helping a friend put up his tree. He had given me his old one plus some ornaments his mom had given him, which tend to be folksy and I chose ones that weren't as overt as Mary and Jesus. Santa is there, but Santa is partially pagan in origin, and there are angels, which are not limited to Judaeo-Christian belief. But mostly it's snowmen, bears, winter things, and gift-giving in theme. And I finally have a tree that will support my Hallmark mistle-toad, which grins when you pull the tassel. :) That one I've had for years. There's also a few that were given to me, one when I was 8 by a teacher. So it's very homey. This is still a little too Christmas-y for my taste, but it'll work as a Yule tree for this year. Next year the plan is to find ornaments exhalting nature, perhaps birds or a solar theme. (And yes, I do recognise the incongruence of that and an artificial tree, but I am too poor to buy live trees big enough, and I don't like the idea of cutting down the tree, even if it is sustainably grown. I think the gods will understand.) In the meantime, I'm going to try to salvage the live tree and get it set back up, this time in the bedroom. I've moved the flamingo and spider plants out here to the living room to give it some space. I'm hoping when I re-pot it, the leaning will cease. But having just spent an hour and a half putting the tree up, I think I'll take a break. :)

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