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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Starting to get in the holiday mood

Today I:
  1. Put up the tree at work (see below). I didn't have any lights, but I think it worked well, plus I could put it on one of the shelving units rather than on the floor where it would look tiny. The Little Golden Book ornaments were made by a coworker who used to oversee the library. The snowmen are tongue depressors the inpatient unit made, and the crocheted angel is one a now-retired co-worker gave me. The angel on top is porcelain and red-haired. This tree is probably about 25 years old as near as I can figure, at least (but adheres to all regulations regarding flame retardance).
  2. Listened to an a cappella holiday album by Pentatonix
  3. Enjoyed a free holiday lunch at work, where they fixed some fish for those of us who don't eat prime rib or chicken
  4. Went to a holiday social after work and spent time with my co-workers and eating cheese and dessert (the hors d'oevres were made with meat)
  5. Watched a Christmas episode of 'Grimm' with YKWIA
  6. Hung up holiday lights in my windows (multicolour, steady)
  7. Put lights (white, steady) and garland (pearlescent clear) onto my little Norfolk Virginia pine at home. By that time it was midnight, so I"ll wait till tomorrow to put most of the ornaments on. I also have holographic-etched silver snowflakes to go in the windows.

I really should find a tree skirt for the one at work. It would look even better.

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