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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It was nice

To sleep in until 9 this morning,  although I've already had two phone calls from creditors today.  The good thing is I did get paid today,  but I can't really talk to them until I work out how much I can pay and to whom.  But I should mostly get caught up.

First order of business is to eat breakfast (I did stop by the store last night late and get a few things,  seeing as the deposit would hit very soon.  I try not to do that,  but hey,  sometimes you do have to.)  Then I need to work on some things around here. Later I need to work on the finances,  find out if the cable company is open so I can return their equipment,  and go by my friends' house to see if a package bearing gifts for all three of us was delivered,  as it is rainy and they will be visiting family,  so they're afraid someone might take it.

I also need to check my latke recipes and get the ingredients,  as the stores will be closing early today. I'm going to make some for my friends,  one of whom is Jewish and the rest of us just love them,  even though Chanukah ends today,  I think.  I'll make them tomorrow when we spend some time together,  so better late than never. I make both potato and cheese lakes,  and I personally prefer the latter.

I also need to get more gas in the car for visiting my family.  Yesterday my friend gave me $5 while we were running errands.  That brought the tank from the gas light on to nearly a quarter,  as the gas was $2.00 a gallon and I went ahead and used some points for 10 cents off.  I have an additional 30 cents off (I use two cards) I can use today.  Amazing though--I haven't seen prices like this in years,  even when I worked at a gas station.  I remember it being $4.15 a gallon and we had drive offs galore.

Okay,  I should get going if I'm to get anything on my list completed.  Hope you're off today,  too.

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