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Friday, December 12, 2014

So I've been up for about and hour-and-a-half

and I've got the house looking decent, if not actually clean and happy. I'm waiting for the bank to open. Once it's 9 am, I'll take the books by the library (the branch opens at 9:30, and one was due yesterday), get what I need at the bank, pay my rent, check with the pharmacy regarding the new medicine, and then try to run the rest of my errands, which can only be done if I can find things really cheap, as I have very little I can spend. I was thinking of looking for cards, the belt, and the present for my co-worker at Gabriel Brothers. As far as lights for the tree go, I may just use the ones I have in the windows right now--they're long enough between the two strands and multicoloured, which I like. The strands on the little Charlie Brown tree are too small, and one is, well, odd, sort of little mulitcoloured flames, and I've never seen that style before or since. I usually put it on the tree at work, but I didn't do lights on it this year.

This is the first morning in awhile that we've had frost on the windows. I've already been out, to take out the trash and recyclables and also a fan that died. Some time ago I'd let my friends have my old fan, and they're letting me have it back since I sleep to it, even in the winter. So last night I slept much better than I had in about three weeks.

In case you haven't guessed, due to my long list of things to do, I'm off today. I've carefully built up enough personal time off to have enough time for the holidays and a few more days, and today there's no clinic or surgery, as we have a seminar the doctors, residents, and other staff go to. I don't attend the lecture usually, and things would have been very quiet for most of my work, so my bosses let me have the day off. I'll also take three days at Christmas (two of which are our holidays, but the 26th is not, but it's a Friday, so why not have a five-day weekend?), but I'm just taking January 1st off, I think, not that Friday. Next week, however, sounds like it will be very, very busy. So I'm going to try to enjoy things as best I can while I'm off.

Okay, the bank's almost open. Time to get this show on the road.

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