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Thursday, December 11, 2014

'Oh, no! I've killed it!'

So I came home from helping a friend put up his Christmas tree only to find my little Yule tree lying on the floor, with most of its dirt spilled out of the pot, looking like a sad little Charlie Brown tree indeed. I righted it, and decided that I will deal with it in good time, but not right at this moment. Poor thing. I'm not entirely sure I can save it. It lost a lot of soil, although it didn't break or anything when it fell. But man, it's messy. I really must take care of that as soon as possible, though, as it is on carpet. Thankfully it's not damp soil.

Today I went to my family practice and saw both the doctor and the physicians assistant, and despite the fact that the Sharpie ink came right off in the shower, I did explain the anxiety situation, and was prescribed a low dose of Buspar and referred to a behavioural health practice which is across town but in my insurance network. So that should help.

Tomorrow will be very busy. I need to:
  1. Straighten up the house early in the morning, as they're coming to inspect the appliances and it's a wreck
  2. Pick up the Buspar from the pharmacy
  3. Run by the library before they open and give in some books
  4. Go to the bank
  5. Pay my rent
  6. Buy a small Secret Santa gift
  7. Find some holiday cards
  8. Look fora belt (I've had one for almost three decades, where the loop has come off. the belt has stretched beyond its original dimensions to the point where I'm putting the tongue through the braid and not the holes of the strap, and tucking the tip under the strap instead)
  9. Get lights and go through some ornaments for the larger, artificial tree A gave me
  10. Put up the tree and decorate it
  11. Watch 'Grimm' with YKWIA
Oh, and we're not playing the game Sunday as Brenda has another commitment. I'm not sure what I'm doing Saturday. I still haven't seen Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part I, and I have a free movie ticket and a voucher for a small drink and popcorn for free. Hmmm....

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