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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Another really busy day, and tomorrow should be even more so

We were down two people today in scheduling, so I stayed until 2 pm, and then did some scheduling back at my library desk for some complex stuff that didn't involve being on the phone or talking with the family, but was best done with my full attention. Tomorrow we're supposed to have many more people in clinic, and if we're still down a couple of people, it will be very difficult. I'm going to stay till 3 pm to help out. Still, you can only do the best you can.

One nice thing about this week is all the free food. Today we had a pizza party due to meeting a return rate on an important survey. They ordered Donato's. I ate a couple of small pieces of thin-crust veggie pizza. Tomorrow my scheduling boss is going to buy us lunch from somewhere to thank us for all our work despite being short-handed. Thursday we have a potluck in that department and a Secret Santa exchange. That afternoon there's an ice cream social. Ah, the holidays. So that means I don't have to buy lunch till Friday, and then I'll probably bring my own. I spend way too much money in our cafeteria over the course of a week, as I usually have breakfast and lunch there, and sometimes dinner, too. They also have a heavy emphasis on starches and fried foods.

Still, I've done well today with my eating. My blood sugar was 100 on the dot just now. Usually when I'm stressed I forget to eat and take care of myself properly, but I've really made an effort to.

Okay, I'm using my phone's hotspot, so I shouldn't stay on too long. Hope you're having a good week.

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