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Monday, December 08, 2014

Today I:

  1. Did not manage to get to work early like I have been and as a result was really rushed.
  2. Stayed in scheduling longer than I expected to cover someone who didn't go to lunch until right when I was supposed to leave.
  3. Forgot to change jobs at the time clock in the middle of the day, so I'll have to have someone add that.
  4. Accepted a quote for next year's electronic journals and got the ball rolling to be invoiced.
  5. Proofed a book review.
  6. Put up lights in my cubicle, as well as my moose family decorations, a snowman--and a Santa hat is now perched on the skeleton's head.
  7. Talked with YKWIA about the joys of dog ownership.:)
  8. Stopped by Speedway and used my points to get a $10 cash card, which I then used for gas.
Now, I've eaten dinner. Things I should do tonight:
  1. Start the game notes (one of my characters got shot in the game; she got better, though--I wish we had special magical healing in the real world).
  2. Straighten up the house.
  3. Watch 'The Librarians', which should have recorded last night.
  4. I also have books to return to the library, but I think I'll wait if I can to do that when I'm over by there Thursday for a doctor's appointment. Granted, the library is practically across the street, if you count the fact that it's also a quarter of a mile away. I think I have till then.

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