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Sunday, December 28, 2014

In the last couple of days I have

  1. Gone to the library.
  2. Returned a few library books.
  3. Paid my electric bill while I was there.
  4. Tried to set up a bill pay through my bank, but it wouldn't allow me a date earlier than the absolute last day it was due.
  5. Took my cable/internet equipment back to Time Warner Cable and explained that I was cancelling service.
  6. Went to the bank and got a cashier's cheque.
  7. Mailed an overnight envelope with the important bill in it, to the tune of $20 for postage.
  8. Drove to Danville.
  9. Visited with my mom and her family overnight.
  10. Read part of a book on my Kindle.
  11. Exchanged gifts.
  12. Returned to Lexington.
  13. Decompressed over at a friend's house.
  14. Took a friend to the grocery store.
  15. Watched a Netflix movie with a friend.
  16. Visited to nearly 2 am.
  17. Went over at 9 am to get their house ready for the game.
  18. Played the game.
  19. Talked about some issues that came up during my visit with my mom.
Now I'm home, listening to music, and preparing for bed. Hope you had a good holiday break. It seems weird to be going back to work after a five-day break, but it's good to have been off.

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