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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I am more likely to keep my cool under pressure while wearing a Santa hat. I wore one today because our holiday countdown theme for the day was bells,  and I have a bell tied to the hat.  I was also in a red blouse,  which is rare for me.

The day was very busy.  We were one person down due to illness,  plus the three on maternity leave.  I was in checkout for the third day in a row, and was there until 3:45. I even ate lunch while I answered the phones.  (Our boss got us lunch from Columbia's.)  So once I left that department I took the time to hydrate,  check the regular mail,  that sort of thing.  I had come in an hour early to get some things done,  mainly for the library.  So for tomorrow I should be able to play catch up on the data entry and library stuff,  plus some things left over from scheduling.  We're also having a potluck/Secret Santa exchange.

I perked up a bit after work,  but now I'm losing steam.  So I think it's time to say good night.

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