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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A pretty decent day so far

It started out with an appointment where the doctor called in sick, so I got there and the receptionists were scrambling to alert patients and reschedule. I went ahead and rescheduled, with their gratitude for having a decent attitude about it (hey, doctors get sick, too, sometimes, and I don't need any more germs). I dropped some books off at the library before they opened and got to work at the regular time. I'd originally planned to work in scheduling tomorrow instead of today because of the lower patient count and the appointment I had, but instead I helped out today there.

Work went well. Now I'm home and have talked to YKWIA a couple of times on the phone and have eaten something. I need to start on the game notes. I think I was about an hour into them last time I worked on them. Then I want to do some things around the house and maybe watch something. So for now, I'll leave off here. I may write later tonight.

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